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Mundo Ludic

Mundo Ludic is a online platform to find entertainment and/or educational activities, Mundo Ludic’s core is centralize the reviwed activities with a minimum quality. A platform to find, to review and to reserve the best playful activities, behind all the community is grown up became Mundo Ludic’s essence.

I’m co-founder, all everything related to the technology is my responsability.

Some of my functions:
  • Choosing the best tecnology for each proyect.
  • Management and organization of the technical team (Design, Front-end & Back-end).
  • Development of Front-end platform.
  • Administration and allocation of tasks.
  • Platform management support and implementing solutions.
  • Follow up of task completion, testing, improving, etc…
  • Collaboration in SEO and SEM strategy as well as follow up.
  • Organization of the tools tracking such as Google Analytics.
Mundo Ludic Site



  • HTML5, Responsive Web Design
  • CSS3, SASS, Foundation 5
  • Javascript, AngularJS
  • PHP, mySQL, JSON
  • Wordpress

Useful Links

  • Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc... Can I use?
  • HTML: The Living Standard - Edition for Web Developers. Whatwg developers
  • The compiler for writing next generation JavaScript ES6. Babel
  • The W3C Markup Validation Service. W3C